Friday, April 20, 2012

War Damn Rodeo and the rest of our week

Happy Friday, y'all! I can't tell y'all how happy I am that it is FINALLY here.  And what a week it has been!!

First of all, I want to ask you to *pretty please* hop over to my new page on this blog (you will see the page options at the top of the page), "Rodan + Fields".  This week was a big week for us because I decided to start my own business selling a product that I really believe in: Rodan + Fields dermatalogical skin care lines.  The income potential with this company is amazing, and so far I have loved taking on this new project! I believe that a second income source for me could help tremendously in us reaching our financial goals.  I have also always dreamed of owning my own business, becasue there are so many personal and financial rewards (hello, tax deductions!).  I am getting my box full of sample products today and I could not be more excited! I could keep going on and on about it, but I'm going to go into more detail on the page I am dedicating just to my business.

All I'm going to ask is that you all at least read through the page and support me in my new venture...that means that if you know anyone that you think my products would help, please refer them to my website (which is ).  ALSO, if you know anyone that could use a second (or even first!) source of income, please share this opportunity with them and encourage them to talk to me! I am so excited about the potential that this product has and would love to help someone else be a part of the amazing team of consultants that I joined this week!

If nothing else...just check out my page to see the sweet discounts that I will be offering my first customers until June 30. :)

Second order of business:  We are entering Mason in the Lee County Humane Society calendar contest!


We have narrowed our entries down to the following pictures, and I would REALLY appreciate your input on which one we should choose!
Option 1: 

Option 2:
Option 3:

Email me or add your favorite to the comments at the bottom of this blog! :) Thanks!
The entry fee is $10 to enter if you have a great pic of your pup...not that we want any competition, BUT it is for a great cause! Also, the votes are $1 each and also go to the Humane Society, so once we choose a picture, we would appreciate your tax-deductible votes! Thanks, Tammy, for letting us know about this!

This weekend Chris and I and a bunch of other folks from the class made the trip to Auburn to participate in the Alpha Psi rodeo.  In case anyone is confused about the title of this post, we really need to get you up to date on Auburn! But, you (should) know how we say "War Damn Eagle"? the rodeo, we say "War Damn Rodeo".  So now you know :) Oh my gosh did I have an awesome time.  I couldn't think of anything better than being surrounded by old AND new friends, as some of my best girlfriends from Auburn were there! (Those that were know who you are! And I expect you to be there next time, if there is one, haha)

Here are some pics...but before you look, please read this disclaimer::: The rodeo is all in good fun and requires everyone to dress up as complete rednecks and act like complete rednecks for an entire day.  These pictures do not represent the values or lifestyle of anyone pictured, and do not accurately represent Auburn University, the US Air Force, or the state of Alabama.  Okay, maybe they do sort of represent Alabama, but they don't represent Lee County!

 Here goes.  And a special thanks to Chris Beck, Sr. and my sister, Jessica, for driving our rather large group to the rodeo in the back of your well as to Aaron Braden and Drew Hull for driving us back when the shuttle line was way too long! Thanks to my parents for putting a bunch of us up, cooking breakfast, and taking pics.  Also, thanks Jess for taking care of wittle MayMay all day.  As you can see...attending the rodeo requires quite the support group. Y'all rock!

I scoured the internet for the perfect redneck shirt for the rodeo, and found it...I am going to HAVE to find an occasion to wear this gem again!

I feel like this picture belongs in a Nascar magazine somewhere...

I'm proud to say I actually made the shorts we wore to the rodeo.  Well I didn't actually sew them but I spray painted them.  Here they are in my yard last week. I used painters tape and cut-out stars.


Have you ever seen such a good looking group of guys? Would you believe that on top of looking that good, they also defend our country in the Air Force? haha...yeah, I'm sure most other people didn't, either.

Here is my husband, biting into a whole chicken.  He really went all out with his outfit and the mustache and all.  Have you ever looked at your husband and thought "wow...I signed up to procreate with that person one day! ahhhh!"  I had my moment right there, haha. 

At the rodeo, the cool thing to do is nap under a raised Jon and Chris are, beating the heat.

And here we are trying to get in some rest in the shade!
Awesome moment of the day? Our friend, Nancy (also in Chris' pilot class) won VIP tickets to the Eric Church/Easton Corbin concert at the end of the day!! She got two and gave me one, so we got some AWESOME pics of the concert!

Easton Corbin and his band
Eric Church! I'm so obsessed with him now and I have to see him in concert again.  He was amazing!
Eric Church was drinking out of this Jack Daniels bottle for a couple of his drinking-themed songs (after is country music!)  haha.  I took a little potty break and when I came back, he had given it to Nancy from the stage! How cool is that!?

Sunday, we had a fun birthday brunch at the Moores Mill Club for Tammy.  Tammy hated Chris' mustache, so we came up with a good plan for her brunch.  When we got there, Chris walked up with her card over his mustache and she was like "did you shave it!?"  I know she thought he was about to take the card off his face and reveal a clean shave...but nope! He still had the bushy mustache! I know she was so dissapointed!  Then, once we sat down at our table, he excused himself to go to the restroom and came back with no mustache.  It was soooo nice to see the top of my hubby's lip again! However, I must say...the month and a half of scruffy Chris was so worth his look for the rodeo.  I mean, of all the rednecks there...I think he must have looked the most genuine!

Sunday night I stayed in Birmingham with my friend Meredith, who I owe big-time for introducing me to Rodan + Fields.  She had her launch party and it was so much fun...nothing at all like some other parties I've been to where you feel pressured to buy anything.  We basically just got a chance to sample the products, and after attending her launch, I (as well as 3 of her other guests!) were sold on the opportunity to join the business.

I worked in Birmingham through Wednesday.  The weather was rough for a couple of days...check out this picture I took outside my office building downtown:

I think I should turn this into the marketing department and they should run an add like..."When life looks can trust Cadence!" Okay, that's cheesy, but that's why I don't work in Marketing!

Chris  has had a slow couple of weeks.  He was sick the past couple of days with a head cold, and there has also been some bad weather.  Today he finally got cleared to fly again! However, as I write this, I am looking out my window and see some cloudy skies.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  We are hoping that he will be able to solo next week.  He did get through his first block of training, which consisted of 6 intro (i.e. basic) flights focusing on aircraft control, landings, and stalls (what I refer to as scary! But not for him!) Now he's working on perfecting those skills and doing spins in the plane.  He has started studying about the instruments and doing simulators for those. Instruments are what you use when you fly in bad weather and have no outside visibility.

Here is a video that gives an example of what he is working on...still freaks me out, but I guess they get pretty comfortable with it! I mean just watching this makes me want to vomit:

I can't believe I am going to be 24 in 6 days! I remember what a special birthday 23 was...I actually took my fourth and final CPA exam last year on the 26th.  What a feeling that was! Literally everything that has happened since then has been a positive in my life.  Right after I turned 23, I graduated about 2 weeks later, got married and I feel like the entire year of 23 was nothing but fun, fun, fun.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  I am going to do everything possible to make sure that 24 is no different! I know this time last year I was probably hating my life while I tried to get through that last that it's over, I can truly appreciate the work I put into it.  I get my CPA certificate via certified mail on the week of May 14 and I can't WAIT to frame that sucker and put it on the wall!

As usual, Thanks for reading...and check out the R+F page please :)


  1. i like option 2! maymay is so cute

  2. Love 2 and 3 for the pictures! Thanks for checking out the blog, so nice to meet another Air Force family that are also Auburn people!! I missed out on rodeo this year and I think I'm going to be depressed until next year's lol. When my nursing class used to be stuck in RBD all night before tests we used to say "War Damn Library!" so glad someone else gets that!! My husband didn't go there so at first he thought we were all crazy with that. Anyway, tell your husband to fly a BUFF so we can base together!! Later, chica :)