Monday, February 18, 2013

4 Days 'Til Assignment!!

We get our assignment in 4 days!! Ahh! It's a little hard to explain how it feels to know you may have some MAJOR changes coming your way in a matter of weeks, but to have hardly a clue as to what the changes could be.  We had to put our preferences in for our next assignment last week.  Of course, we put FAIPing at the top of our wish list...T-1s first and T-6s second...since it would be ideal for Chris to remain in Columbus with my being in school Then, we had to rank everything else that was given to us in the "drop list", which is the list of planes and bases that the government is assigning to Chris' class. After FAIPing, we requested C-17s to Charleston and McCord (Seattle), followed by KC-135s in Tampa. Followed by our other 25ish choices. Hopefully we will wind up with #1 or 2, and we feel pretty good about our chances, but we will know for sure on Friday Night. If we do get our first choice, it's possible that we will have to start packing our things immediately.  Chris could be at training for his assigned plane as early as April. Which means I will have to move to Tuscaloosa. We will have to store our stuff until he's done with about 6 months of training, then we will move to a newer (bigger, nicer...etc..) house. All very exciting, but a little stressful to have it all up in the air like this! We will know much more after getting the assignment.  Of course,we will keep y'all updated. But please keep your fingers crossed that Chris will be able to stay here in Columbus! We will have some tough times ahead if he has to move, since I will be in school another 3 years. But we shall worry about crossing that bridge if we come to it!

The past few weeks seem like quite a blur.  Since my last post we have been living in anticipation of assignment night. I had a few rough weeks at school with lots of projects and tests. Here are some pictures of what we have been up to. 

We had a dinner you can see, I am short on winter placemats! From now on , I buy 8 place mats! Sometimes you just gotta improvise. We had Jon and Autumn, Jenni and Kevin, and our new friends Amanda and Paul. 

We had a salad with fried okra and a homemade scallion dressing, macaroni with spinach and artichokes, and apple/squash stuffed barbeque chicken

For dessert, Japanese cheesecake with some of Jenni and Kevin's homemade wine.  Yum!
Post-dinner activity: starting a fire!
Once February set was time to decorate for V-day! I don't think I will be putting up  St. Patty's day decorations this year...I think we may be packing by the time it gets here, so no use in unpacking decorations just to repack them before the holiday gets here! I guess this will be my last holiday themed decor in our house! Kind of bitter sweet!

We had an amazing meal at Anthony's one night...seafood stuffed peppers.  I decided to try to recreate them, and they turned out well!

Surprise! I got bangs! Here we are at our Valentine's dinner at Epiphany's in Tuscaloosa. They had an awesome prix fixe , 4 course menu of fresh, local foods. Chris came into town to celebrate with me since I had school stuff to do the next day.   I had my bangs chopped an hour beforehand...I think I like them! I just kind of did it on a whim because bangs are really trendy and I though I might want to try them out now so that I could grow them back out in time for all the weddings I'm supposed to be in! But they are fun and I'm glad that I decided to try them out!
Out listening to a band in Columbus Friday night

With Amanda and Paul
I've been very Pinerest-y lately! I made this plaque-type thing with a copy of an old picture  I got over the break of Chris' dad as a baby in a boat with his mom (Chris' Nana) and Aunt Bette. I just loved that old picture, so I decided to incorporate it into our decor. 

I can't get this rotate the right way, but this is just another one of the plaques I did .  I made a picture of our proposal look old fashioned by printing it in sepia, then I burned the edges before modge-podging it to the plaque. I haven't done anything with it yet, I think I'm going to save it for the new house. 

This is just something fun and easy I saw on Pinterest that I wanted to try.  I put hearts in all the places  in these states that are meaningful to us.  In California, a heart in Napa where we got engaged, a heart in Auburn, and a heart in Columbus. 
The sign at the top of this blog, with the chalkboard and "days until..." in the middle, was also a Pinterest project that was really fun! I have a few more that I hope to get around to soon. 

The guys in the class make posters to advertise for assignment night...this is one poster they made with Chris' likeness on it.  I thought it was pretty funny. 

Here is another one they made.  They hang these around the squadron .  That flag is a  patch that the FAIPs wear. Usually it says "FAIP Mafia" but they changed it for the poster.

Just Mason being cute...

Playing with our new outdoor heater! 

I haven't taken as many pictures as I should have. I will try to do better for the next post, since I probably will have a lot more to share. 

Chris is doing his last few flights these days. It's all downhill from here, as the class rankings probably won't change much from here on out. We are getting ready for his March 15 graduation. We are very much looking forward to him getting his wings! 

Not much to report for me. I've been much busier this semester, with a much more demanding workload. I pretty much work without stopping during the week so that on the weekends, I can spend some quality time with Chris and Mason. I am very much anticipating getting the militaty's plans for us so that I can make some decisions about how I will spend the summer. 

I just wanted to post this quick update, since I think the next post will be full of updates about Chris' assignment is and what's that will mean for us! So stay tuned! :)