Thursday, February 9, 2012

He's Back!!

Well, this has been quite the thrilling week for our little family since Chris returned from Colorado last week! He got a strong finish to his training, and did it just in time to avoid some bad winter weather that set into Colorado just after he returned.  I was working in Birmingham last week when he finished up, so I was able to pick him up from the Birmingham airport and we drove straight down to Panama City to spend a few days together before Chris had to report to training on Monday.  Those few days together were just what we needed, and it was actually the first trip we have taken anywhere, just the two of us, since we went on our honeymoon.  The weather was really nice. Even though it was supposed to rain the whole time, it didn't rain at all.  Here are some pictures:

Mason was so exhausted from traveling and all the excitement of his daddy coming home! Speaking of his daddy...doesn't he look the slightest bit creepy popping up in the top left corner of this picture? hehe :) Unfortunately, we had to board Mason for most of the time, but we boarded him at this great place where we could pick him up during the days to take him out with us, and he was only crated while he slept..the rest of the time he got to play with other dogs!
Mason enjoys the scenery at Tyndall Air Force Base beach...that beach is so gorgeous and undisturbed! We love going there.

At this German place in Pier Park.  I am currently having to wear my glasses because I had an allergic reaction in my eyes (in case anyone is wondering).  I actually had to have some glasses overnighted to me in Panama City because the reaction started while I was in Birmingham...just days after I had ordered a new pair from the doctor that hadn't come in yet! I lost my old glasses in Jamaica.  What awful timing, but at least I had them in time for the beach!

We met up with Scott on Friday night, who is stationed at an AFB nearby.
Singing some good ol' karaoke at the local dive.
Me and wittle Mason at the dog-friendly beach in Pier Park...he met two other Pom friends.  Mason loves the sand, but doesn't love the water.

Beautiful beach sunset on the last night!!
My husband is so sweet...he surprised me with this the morning that we left. It's just like our breakfasts were at Sandals! He went out the night before to rent us a movie from RedBox and took forever while I was cooking dinner.  He said that there was a long line at the RedBox, which was partially true, but he had actually gone into Winn Dixie and bought stuff to make breakfast.  He snuck it in the condo and hid the food inside a beer box we had in the fridge.  Then he asked me what time I wanted to wake up, got up before me, and did this.  Such a lucky girl! :)
Since Chris has been back, he has been going through a routine checklist that includes various physicals and meetings before he can start training next Thursday.   Tomorrow night I am making a fabulous Valentines Day meal (at least, I hope it will be fabulous!).  It's early because we are going out to a new restaurant on actual Valentines Day. We don't have any big plans for the weekend, but I will probably work on some of my Pinterest projects on Saturday.  Saturday night I am going to a girl's get-together at this girls house that I actually got to know through Chris and Jon, because she went to the Academy with them.  I am really excited about Sunday, because I'm having a dinner party for some of the other couples in Chris' pilot training class.  Looking forward to getting to know them! I can't wait to post pictures.

On my last post, I was getting ready to host a "girls night".  It went really well and I really enjoyed meeting some new girls! I hope to see some of them again tonight at the wives' club social, where we are making Valentines Day decorations.  Here are some pictures of two of the things I made from Pinterest recipes (unfortunately, I didn't get any "people" pictures...I didn't want to freak out my new friends by telling them I would be posting all about them on my blog, haha)

Strawberry Mojito...wonderful!!! But just about as hard to make as a strawberry pie...which I have never made, but I'm guessing it takes a while!

Bleu Cheese Guacamole...everyone liked this, even the girls who said they don't normally like bleu cheese. 
I volunteered for the Columbus AFB Fashion Show!  I get to wear three outfits and "model" them on the runway.  I am too excited! It should be fun, and I'll probably get to meet some girls that I have some common interests with.

I am looking forward to my next post so that I will be able to share all the cooking I am planning for the weekend, possibly a couple of Pinterest/Decorating projects, and most exciting of all, I will be able to tell y'all all about Chris' first week or so of pilot training! I can't believe it's finally here! Even though I will miss all the free time I am used to Chris having...what can I say?  We have been here in Columbus waiting for this to start for over 6 months now, we are just ready to get this show on the road!

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