Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life in "A Possum Town"...

For those of you who have never had a history lesson on Columbus, MS (which, I would venture to guess, is all of you), the locals sometimes refer to it by it's nickname "A Possum Town".  This name confused, intrigued, and worried me when I moved here.  Upon further research, I discovered that this was the name bestowed on Columbus by the Native Americans.  Why did they choose such a name? I did not know until tonight.

Far be it from me to judge Mississippi by the excessive amount of roadkill decorating it's highways...we have a good bit of that in Alabama as well.  At first I thought they were New York City rats that had migrated here for the summer. I eventually recognized them as possums, but was glad that we did not have any such rodents living in our lovely, "gated community". Two nights ago, Chris took out our trash but found it too cumbersome to take it all the way to the trash can, which sits about 4 feet outside our back door.  Instead he left it on the ground outside the door, and yesterday we found the bag torn to shreds with all its contents scattered about the side of our yard.  We blamed a raccoon.  We should have known, living in the "possum town", that a different rodent was the culprit.

Tonight, when we arrived home from watching the season premier of Modern Family at Jon and Autumn's house, we noticed a pair of shiny little marbles gazing at us from underneath our car.  I am to blame for what we discovered, since Chris tells me every day to let down the garage door after entering and exiting to avoid Wolf Spider invasion (Wolf Spiders are only slightly smaller than possums).  I always forget.  I'm sure you can guess who made his home underneath the car:

Since I'm updating the blog an extra time this week anyway, I would like to share two exciting pieces of news...

Chris took his PFT today (physical fitness test) and scored excellent, which means he doesn't have to take it for another year.  Yay, I am so proud! 

And the huge news is that Chris' IFS date (where he goes to Colorado for a month for preliminary training) got moved to January 4, and his UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training) date has been moved up to February 16 (from April) it looks like we will be getting this show on the road a little earlier than expected! Chris is glad, not only to get this started so he can have it over with sooner, but because now he is in the same graduating class as Jon.

A post wouldn't be complete without a precious picture of our wittle baby with his BFF Dubs! I guess some of my cheerleading skills have been rubbing off on Mason, because tonight he and Mason (with Jon's help) built their first pyramid...

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