Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 Days Away!

I thought 10 days out was a good mile-marker to post the first blog entry.

I (Amanda) decided to make a blog so that when Chris and I make our big move to Columbus, our friends and family will be able to keep up with us if they want to.  I keep up with some other blogs, and have always really enjoyed reading them.  However, this is my first attempt at a blog, so we shall see how it goes!

Chris and I had some exciting news this week...we are first on the waiting list for housing in Columbus and have even received our future address! This is welcome news, as we have been stressing a lot about whether or not we would wind up on a wait list and have to live in a hotel!

The dog-rearing is going pretty well so far...Mason Dixon (our precious Pomeranian pup) has caught on pretty quickly to crate training, and housebreaking as well.  As far as the housebreaking, he seems to be taking a "two steps forward, one step back" approach, but we are proud of how well he is doing.  We don't understand why he seems to forget everything he learned in the late evening! But we can tell he's really smart, so we expect him to catch on soon. In any case, our base house has hardwood floors.

Well this little entry was just a big of a "tester" so I could see how it all looks on the blog. Once Chris and I get back from our Honeymoon in Jamaica and moved in to our house (July 22), I am going to try to be an avid blogger.  Since we are moving away from all our friends and family, I hope this will be a good way to keep in touch!


  1. I am so happy you and Chris had such a wonderful honeymoon! I feel your pain with the whole moving's so stressful, but exciting at the same time because it's a new beginning! Adam and I are literally going to be in the same boat..(not so much newlyweds, haha) but in the sense that we will be relocating to a place where we don't know a whole lot of people and will both be facing new jobs. I can't wait to read more about your life as Mrs. Beck! As I told you earlier, I'm going to call you later this week to hear more about the trip! A big part of moving away is keeping up with friends and I am making that a huge effort of keep up with my friends and family as much as possible!

  2. Loved reading all about it. So glad it was special. I was thinking maybe I could post some wedding pics here but don't see a place. I'll put on facebook. Happy Home! Jeannine